GitHub teaching repository

Check out my teaching material on the following GitHub repository: programming languages, phylogenies and cool R packages!.

Biweekly Computer Skillz workshops at Silwood Park

We are running workshops on various topics every two weeks on Silwood Park Campus, come and join!.


Threesis video

Three minutes to explain my thesis!

Outreach activities

Museum Researchers night (2013-2014-2015)
See article in the Irish Times.
"What can we learn from skeletons"
An introduction to comparative anatomy (activity sheets).
Introduction to palaeontological excavations
Excavations for children at the Musée des Dinosaures.

EcoEvo@TCD blog

Trinity College School of Natural Science's blog

Best Irish Blog 2014 and Bronze Award 2015: Science and Technology.

I am slowly backing up all the blogs on a personal repository here

BES 2014 Photo competition

Ecology and society category: student prize

Ladybirds Coccinella septempunctata huddling together in January on the post of a barded wire fence in the Wicklow mountains - Ireland (2014).

Some more pictures are available here